What Is a Friend?

What is a friend? One with whome you can be yourself. With a friend, there is no need to act, no need to display your very best side, no need to even guard your words. You need only be as you are.

And if you act foolishly or speak stupidly, the friend understands, forgives; for that friend, too, has been foolish and stupid, at times.

Laugh, then, with your friend; cry if you must; but above all, love your friend. After all, your friend must love you to be able to tolerate your faults and feelings.


The Seasoned Citizens Contentment Code

Teddy Roosevelt concocted what has come to be called the seasoned citizens contentment code:

“Do what you can with what you have where you are.”

Our Heritage

Every man has leaned upon the past. Every liberty we enjoy has been bought at incredible cost. There is not a privilege nor an opportunity that is not the product of other men’s labors.

We drink every day from wells we have not dug; we live by liberties we have not won; we are protected by instituions we have not set up.

No man lives by himself alone. All the past is invested in him.

– Dr. Thomas Gibbs